Email Marketing

Red Edge Solutions an expert at designing highly successful email marketing campaigns to help build a profitable relationship with current and potential customers.

Advantages to Email Marketing

  • Ability to reach as many potential customers as possible in one click of a button
  • Relatively low cost attached
  • Return on investment can be tracked
  • It’s instant as opposed to direct mailings
  • Email is the #1 Internet medium users check in the morning and evening

Some of the ways we urge companies to use Email Marketing are:

  • Announcements
  • Special offers
  • Promotions
The design of an Email Marketing campaign can be just as important as the message you are trying to get across. The placement of graphics vs. text is a delicate process that when done correctly, can lead to a much longer average reading time.

Use Email Marketing to up your company’s profile and profits. We can create the design that puts you on top.