SEO Package

WAt Red Edge Solutions studios, we know that SEO is a big factor in achieving your online goals, and is a must-have for every website. When building a website, it’s essential to set up the site so it is coded correctly for search engines to index.

Building You Up

We understand the importance of SEO and know how to build a website so that it pushes you higher in page rank for competitive key words. When designing websites, we take into account every detail that works to build you up and rank you high.

Keeping You Soaring

A website needs to be cared for in order to gain ranking and bring in potential business. A stagnant website will only lead to lower page ranking, loss of business, and lost opportunities. We offer SEO consulting that will take your newly created site or your existing site and jumpstart it to increase web site rankings and boost organic search rankings, leading to increased web traffic.


  • One-Time Package - start from $899
  • Monthly Package - start from $99